WEEK 2!!

Ok. So the second week of my challenge has come.

Update…. so far so good. I can start to feel a difference, but just slightly. I can definitely notice my energy levels are starting to pick up. I dont quite know about changes in my body yet. That will probably have to wait till the 3rd week. I didnt weigh myself at the beginning cuz Im not too concerned with weight, nor do I think weight is a good indicator of fitness level. BUT After this week, I plan to take more pics and document every 2 weeks.
Regarding the “ramp up period”… I havent really felt lethargic from the change in my diet. I remember the first time I went hard paleo there was about a week or 2 that I felt really tired as my body got used to the new fuel. Not this time around it seems.

NUTRITION NOTES: After taking a look back there are a couple of things I need to dial in better.
1. More Water. – Ive been drinking a lot of tea and diet sodas. Water is definitely the way to go, so I am going to try and drink MORE.
2. Fish Oil – I have not been consistent in taking them. So I will. Going to also look into krill oil. Supposedly the same omega 3 benefit as fish oil but maybe more potent.
3. Vitamin D – Gotta start. It will help with calcium absorption.

Ok. So every day I was able to work out I took my Progenex. Both the Recovery and the More Muscle product mixed in together. I mainly took with water which was less heavy than with milk.
I havent been able to make a definite distinction of its benefit yet. I think that will come as I am able to experience more WODs. Especially WODs that I had been familiar with in past. HOWEVER, I can say that I feel pretty good everday to WOD and I havent been too beat down to say I need a break. I did get a bit sick on Thurs and Fri so I decided not to WOD for that reason only. This week will be a better test on Progenex’s ability to help me recover. Particularly cuz this weeks is set to be a heck of a week at Crossfit El Paso!

Heavy Deck Snatch : Worked Up to 155. Felt good. Stopped cuz my catch was a little sloppy. Worked on form.
10,9,8….1 Handstand Pushups & pullups

Short Eva:
800m Run
30 Swings @ 2 pood (70lbs)
30 Pullups

A big chipper with Thrusters, DU’s, Lunges, and burpees.

Phewww….. Here we go!


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