Day 8

Breakfast was non existent just coffee as usual. Hazelnut dreamer w dash of cinnamon powder…. yes I still have not taken out the sugar creamer. That will probably be my last tweek. 🙂 Lunch was a date at a new downtown restaurant, Kipps cheesesteak, on mills and mesa. The food was pretty good. Cheesesteak no bun with fries (I know, I know, I promised to lay off fries…ugh). The company, of course, was even better. Ha! Dinner turned out to be a little late. The WOD was killer so Amy, Roby and I stayed and talked while our bodies recovered. Then it was decided we were getting snow cones. I gave in but ordered bahama bucks thin ice. Sugar free. If anybody decides with sugar free bahama bucks, do the mini size. It’s harder to eat more of the sugar free than the regular. However it does taste good. We stopped on our way back at taco cabana for some faith meat and guacamole. Ok so not the best nutrition day. But very modern paleo none the less. Supps Progenex more muscle with Progenex recovery directly after WOD.


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