Pizza, Wings and Whataburger

This weekend was tough. Found myself in a few situations hungry and with friends and family. What happened?… Well I gave in. For 3 diffferent meals I had Pizza (dominos of course) Wings and Whataburger (with soda). Could I have opted for no pizza, naked wings, and burger with no bun….. sure, but I felt it wasnt necessary at the time. haha. In fact, what probably threw me off the wagon was that first pizza give in. It made the subsequent choices much easier to give in. That’s the thing about cheating. Its not going to hurt you doing it once. Its the relapse effect. Its getting that craving again.

The consequence….. stomach ache!!! Yep, I was eating so well that my stomach reacted to all the grains and sugars I fed it this weekend. In my mind, thats proof of paleo’s nutritional benefits. If your stomach reacts badly to what you eat, you probably shouldnt eat it. My stomach never gives me problems while on diet, so there it is. I shouldnt be eating that crap! Or the crap will be very crappy when it is time to crap!! (Yeah, I went there)

HOWEVER, its back on. Its the beginning of my third week, and the weekend is behind me. By the way, I just found out its Fran today… now I really regret the weekend. Oh well. Lets do this!

Weekend supps: Random Fish oil (about 7g Omega 3), and Vit D
Progenex after the Saturday Tabata WOD.


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