Back on the wagon

Im in the middle of my third week. I havent been perfect but I can tell you “I feel good!” I have much more energy, especially at night. Ive noticed that Ive been getting pretty good sleep too. HOWEVER, I can start to feel it when I have big cheast. The next day drags a bit, and I dont feel strong in gym. Monday and Tuesday were testaments to that. I did Fran by myself, alone in the gym. 5:33. My fastest has been 4:17. Although there is no excuses I do have one opinion….never do Fran by yourself. That is one WOD that takes a ton of motivation to really push through quickly. Not having even 1 person watching gave me an excuse to pause and talk myself out of a few more consecutive reps. I was talking with Ernesto about this and we both agreed… Fran is a workout that should leave you gasping on the floor for at least a few minutes if you really push it. If you walk away and recover almost immediately, its probably a sign you didnt go as hard as you should’ve.

Dinner yesterday:
Pre-Roasted chicken (kind that they sell under heat lamp at store) shredded with avacado and tea.
Dessert was Amy’s delicious squash pie. So good and not heavy on the sweeteners at all. I believe that is her next Paleo in Pink recipe, btw. At least it should be.

No Breakfast today. (I gotta stop skipping that meal)

Lunch: Tortilla Soup with Chicken. I tried to eat as little amount of tortillas and stick with the broth, cheese, avocado, and chicken.


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