About me

OK so this is my intro to by blog I want to do to keep me honest.  What do you think?

This blog is an attempt to journal “a comeback”.  I will try as best as possible to log all WOD’s and nutrition.

Six months ago I hurt my back and went into a small depression.  I couldn’t work out and ate everything in sight.  Poor me.  Boo whoo.  Its time to get over my injury and my bad habits.  Its time for a comeback.  Back to the best shape of my life.

My goal will be to re-adopt a primal/paleo lifestyle.  No grains, no legumes, no sugar, little starch.  Some dairy, all meats and fish, all vegetables and fruit.  I will also be testing the Progenex brand protein and recover products.  They are a big supporter of crossfit and there is a lot of buzz around these products.  Before I can recommend them to my clients I need to experience them first.  I will be taking them as directed.

I’ve decided that the best way to keep myself honest is to make me accountable to others.  Also, I get many questions as a crossfit coach as to what do you eat and how?  Hopefully this helps as an answer.  I will now keep a blog of my nutrition and supplementation. This will be a diary of a comeback…. feel free to follow or comment.

And away we go……


Height: 6″1′
Starting weight: 193
Crossfit athlete and coach at Crossfit El Paso.  (crossfitelpaso.com)
Crossfit experience: 3years.


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