Day 4

Breakfast consisted of Anaheim Scrambler from Corner Bakery.  One of my favorite paleo breakfast meal in El Paso.  Nix the bread and order with Fruit instead of potatoes.  Add some salsa and you are golden! By the way, Corner Bakery is a great place to work from. Free Wifi, good food, quiet enough to take a phone call, and the service is excellent. Its actually a Ghostlight Creative (my day job) favorite.

Lunch was a bit harder. Again I was running around so I found a Big 8 went in and bought a few things to heat up. Broccoli, turkey, and avocado. All for $5.33. Heated up the broccoli in a microwave that I had access to and ate some of the turkey. This combo was actually very good. A very good choice for an impromptu lunch or a planned sack lunch for that matter. Carbs, Fat and Protein. Satisfied.
Cant wait for dinner. Amy texted me that I am invited and there will be chicken and dessert involved. (hands to mouth) Oh my gooooodness…. I just love surprises…. LOL!!!

Annie “on the rag” (its a Crossfit El Paso thing)
Double unders
sit ups
Result: 24:47. That one was nasty. First time doing lateral burpees for more than 5 in a row. DANG.

Side note: I am completely inspired by the athletes at CFEP! The dedication and the will is so much fun to see. What is even more fun to watch is the transformation. I love coaching!!

I forgot my Progenex today. Dang it. May try to stop by store for some musclemilk.



Yesterday was tough.  Not a lot of time to eat today.  Coached the west side 6am and stuck around to do the WOD after.  Had the Progenex shake at the end of the workout.  THEN it was off to the races.  Had meetings for my day job all day.  I found myself with starving for lunch at 2:30pm.  I was on my way to another meeting and had very little time.  As I drove by a Whataburger I gave in…. BUT I did do a paleo-ish option.  Ordered a double meat burger, fries and a diet coke.  I took off that yummy buttery bun and ate the rest.  The fries are actually considered modern paleo.  Starchy?  yes.  Salty?  yes.   Potatoes fried in vegetable oil…. paleo-ish.    However, it got the job done.  Satisfied and kept on the wagon.  I thought about taking a picture of this meal, but uhhh, it didn’t really look very pretty.

Later that night I found myself at the grand opening of Commonwealth pub in downtown.  5:30 turned to 8:30.  Hungry.  Resisted all the breaded and fried stuff and went with some delicious rotisserie chicken and brisket.  By the way, I did have 1 beer. haha.  It was the grand opening…

Front Squat
Worked up to 3reps of 205. Definitely not a PR but back felt good.

400m Run
21 swings (1.5p)
12 pullups
3 rounds.
Time: 10:03. I was very excited in the fact it was not too far off my last noted time of 9:53 before my injury.

Forgot fish oil.
Progenex Recover & More Muscle directly after WOD.

It’s what’s inside that counts….

Ok. So I debated whether I should put before and after photos. Is it vain? Is it necessary? Well, I came to the conclusion that ultimately its how you look, feel, and perform. This is the look part. We all want to look good naked, right? Although performance and how I feel throughout the day is probably more important, I would also like to chronicle changes in my body. I was leaner and a bit more muscular before I got hurt (~195lb 8% Body Fat) and would like to get even past there!  So here we are… week 1. The starting point. The proverbial “before” pic.

Easy Peezy

Well second day and all is well.  No cravings so far.  I gotta tell you, the last 3 weeks were really bad.  I would do the paleo thing but whenever I had a craving I would just give in… If I was driving hungry and saw Whataburger, I would do as Roby (an eastside athlete with a self diagnosed Whataburger addiction) does and eat Whataburger.  yeaaaah budyyyy! The worst was sweets…. sugar, azucar, sucre, stomach ache.  BUT so far no cravings for that stuff.  Ernesto, my coach, calls it crack.  And me, a crack addict.

Breakfast – was a little chorizo (keeping in real) and 3 eggs
Blueberries snack
Lunch – Leftovers from yesterday without the “spaghetti” along with roast beef slices and pickle
Snack – Progenex More Muscle Protein Shake
Dinner – My mommy invited us over from dinner after the gym. We had chicken patties, salad, and avacado. I did cheat a little by having a few chips with some guacamole before dinner. HOWEVER, I passed on what looked like a scrumptious lemon bar when we had coffee with almond milk afterward. In fact, Amy actually said… “YOu didnt eat the lemon bar?!… wow!” My responce was, well if I did I’d have to write it down and I dont want to give in. Its way too early.

450m Run
21 Presses
500m Row
21 Push Presses
450m Run
21 Push Jerks
all presses @ 95#
Result: 10:28
Drenched in sweat.

Had 5g EPA/DHA from Fish oil
Progenex Recovery and More Muscle Right after wod.

Clean diet, Clean Snatch

Day 2.

Did eat too much the rest of the day  Really dont know why.  My lunch consisted of pre-cut chicken package from Wal-Mart with a little hot wings sauce for flavor. (pic below)  Not bad at all.  I also munched on blueberries throughout the day.  After the WOD Amy made one of my favorite paleo meals… paleo spaghetti.  Made from squash, zucchini, tomato sauce and meatballs.  She said she plans on putting the recipe up on Paleo in Pink by the end of the week, so I’ll let her explain it.  (hold her to it)  Besides compared to her skillz, my blog reads like a comic book.


Heavy Hang snatches – Got up to 135.

A bit proud of myself because My back felt ok.   I didnt want to go any heavier.  My receiving position is definitely getting better.  As I chant in my head before the lift… “high strong rack…. butt back and down on catch… pull under bar.”

MetCon –
AMRAP 15 Min
5 burpees (dang those lateral burpees suck! I am going to try to do all burpees lateral from now on after the Crosstown Showdown)
10 Hang DB Cleans 40#
15 Ring Dips
Result – 8 rounds.

Took Both the Progenex Recovery and More Muscle with 12oz whole milk right after WOD. Waited about 45min to eat dinner.
Im usually famished after a WOD and eat like a madman – “Amy, me want moooore food” – but today I definitely didnt eat as much as probably a result from the shake. Will this always be the case? Not complaining just curious

Day 1

Ok, So I went to WalMart this weekend and bought my share of Paleo foods.  I made sure to buy stuff thats easy to carry with me or make.  That is my biggest challenge is eating when running around the city.  I have a day job in marketing and it requires me to be everywhere.  The studio is far Eastside but my office is wherever I make it.  This WILL BE the biggest challenge to my dedication.  I promise to record my messups (if any… haha better yet, when they happen) on this blog.  It will keep me honest.

By the way, I felt like I was having my “last meal” yesterday night.  SO I ordered possibly the best pizza you can get here in El Paso (I spent 5 years in Chicago so I have to make sure I say El Paso)…. The Dominos pizza, Fiery Hawaiian…. Cheese, pineapple, ham, bacon, red peppers, jalepenos, hot sauce finished off with their new buttery garlic crust…. heaven in a cardboard box. Mmmmmm.

Ok back to paleo,

No breakfast this morning.  Just coffee and creamer.  I still have some flavored creamer in the fridge so I will use that up till its done.  I dont want to be wasteful.  Besides, coffee is just one of those things I will not give up.  I did however buy Hazelnut flavored Splenda packs.  More on those when Im able to try them.


3 days before my start.  Its Friday.  Got the Progenex yesterday and looking forward to using it.  I already have guys in the gym telling me they love the stuff and can alredy tell that their recover time is quicker.

Oh yeah.  Gotta buy food.  Paleo food.  Nix the bright, colory sugary packages! (boy do I have a big sweet tooth) The great thing is my beautiful girlfriend does most of the cooking!  Can I cook?  Yep.  Am I spoiled? You betcha!  I mean common… I gotta real Rachel Ray on my hands.  It would be wasteful not to cash in on that option right?   (thanks Amy) And away we go….